introducing the first

in the mena region

Beyond Mere Real
Estate Development

We envision to become one of the most avant-garde lifestyle developers in the region, developing smart living hubs focused around communities where wellness is valued as primordial, interactivity is the norm, and connectivity prevails.

Introducing the first
Smart Pillars

Smart Environment

Living in harmony with the environment entails reducing our carbon footprint and making the most of state-of-the-art technology. Our smart living hubs apply this concept in a loop that encompasses nature preservation, solid waste segregation, waste water reuse, and optimizing energy consumption.

Smart Infrastructure

Smart from the ground up. Our hubs have an infrastructure allowing for a highly interconnected community that highlights safety, security, and consumption monitoring. From smart car-park areas with electric plugs, to connected bus stops for students, and an interactive communication system.

Smart Living

A connected home is not a futuristic concept but rather an essential part of our modern connected lives. The smart features available in our living spaces allow you to set your preferences to home appliances on-the-go. But it’s much more than that, as wellness, health monitoring, and incident management are also part of living in a smart hub.